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I need a toilet replaced in one bathroom. I have a leaky faucet in another. Need a good plumber!

Mark J

I would like to change my oil burner to gas and add also a 30 gallon water heater. Thank you

Sal I

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Plumbing - Plumbing Questions
1.20 When a big city installs a plumbing system are there many models?

Q. Do they say "We have 25 plumbing systems for sale?" In Milwaukee Metro there are about 2 million people. Heavy rainfall, nearly torrential, can happen and produce twelve inches of water in less than 60 hours. Do the public vote on what kind of plumbing system we have? In the massive urban sprawl of Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Ozaukee counties you are "only safe if you're on a hill" during flash floods. I would be willing to pay extra taxes to afford the best plumbing system.

A. There wouldn't be a specific model they can just install in a city, instead they would hire a contractor who would engineer and draft up plans tailored to the needs of the city. Price would be determined by the thoroughness and quality of the materials used.

1.20 Adding a basement bath, anyone know any websights with good plumbing diagrams?

Q. I can't find any good diagrams/photos on basement plumbing, below slab. I know about vents, slopes and tying in. I just want to see diagrams. Thanks in advance.

A. Did you check with Lowes or Home Depot? They usually help people out with diagrams of kitchen and bathrooms. When we put our bathroom in our basement, we had to build a platform for the plumbing to fit under. Good Luck.....Wish I could help more.

1.20 What are the issues with copper plumbing in a home built in 1988?

Q. I have a friend who has a home that has copper plumbing. The residence was built in 1988, and she was told by a neighbor that copper plumbing is bad and has to be removed/replaced in order to keep the value of the home for resale. This doesn't seem to make sense and the home DOES NOT have any plumbing issues to date. The neighbor cautioned that copper plumbing can burst. Is there any ring of truth to this or is the neighbor thinking of something else. A home built in 1988 doesn't seem that old to me. Please help. All answers are welcome. Thanks. Additional details. Here is the suspected issue: Different metals or types of pipe: copper and galvanized iron, were directly connected in the potable water supply system From this point of view, we are told the entire plumbing in the home needs to be changed. Can this be right?

A. If the copper pipe is stressed, it will create a leak, but only if stressed. By this I mean thin wall, kinks, etc. I have never heard of copper pipes devaluing a home. If anything, copper will add value compared to CPVC or galvanized. If there are no issues with leakage or significant corrosion, leave it.

1.20 How much will it cost to put plumbing into a barn?

Q. For a school project we have to design a horse barn and I need to figure out an estimate for plumbing costs. Does anyone have any ideas about how much it would cost to install a simple plumbing system from a well to a barn. I don't need an exact number, just a ballpark estimate. Thanks

A. $10,000.00

1.20 How difficult is it to get electricity and plumbing for a backyard pond that is 33 feet away from the house?

Q. According to my previous research about ponds, I will need an electricity and plumbing source for a pump in a pond. I would like my pond to be around 100 gallons maximum. So how difficult is it to bring electricity and plumbing to my desired location? Thanks-- any help will work!

A. I have 2 ponds, both over 100 gallons, 40' from my house, and the only plumbing I have ever needed is in my outside water faucet, with my hose attached. If you want electricity, I paid a handy man $300. He dug the trench, laid the conduit, wired the box and tapped into my household circuit.

1.20 Legal Advice or plumbing advice?

Q. OK. I purchased my house in 2006 (Maryland) AS IS. I have been working on updating the home and appliances since then andI purchased a home warranty. Last year, my daughter's bathroom had a leak. I called the home warranty company and they sent out a plumber from a local plumbing company. The plumbers came (2 of them) and came up with my daughter's tub needed to be caulked. I knew that was not the issue since the tub was not in use at the time of the leak. So they left and informed the warranty company. Two weeks later my home flooded because of the same issue in my daughter's bathroom and again the tub was not in use. So I called the warranty place and they call the same plumbers out. This time they said she had a fracture in the bowl and replaced the toilet. This weekend, my home flooded again 10 times worst than before. I called a local plumbing company who came out and told me the toilet (which was a $40 Mancessa toilet was sub par and had a crack in the toilet tank, which caused the flood. I paid $700 for the plumber to install a Gerber Viper. My home, furniture and hard wood floors are all ruined (3 levels). I called the insurance company who sent out a team to manage the water damage. Each day we are conducting meter readings and my home is still wet. The water damage compaby said they will need to pull up all the flooring, My insurance company told me the $700 spent for a new toilet does not reduce my $1000 deductible. My insurance company cleaned the 1st flood and I made them aware of what the plumber I haired wrote on the invoice regarding why the flood happened. I called the home warranty compnay who told me to contact the plumbers who is licensed with their own insurance. The woman who answere the phone at the plumbing company contracted by the warranty company immediatley took offense and was very rude. She would not transfer the call to anyone else for me to talk to. So far, I have not been able to pay my mortgage (1st time late) dealing with this issue. I am missing time from work coming out every day for moisture readings. vistis from the adjuster, and constant calls to the warranty place. I have missed a lot of time and gas dealing with this problem not to mention the thousands of dollars of damage, late fees and stress What should my next steps be? Who is responsible (plumbers or warranty company? What type of attorney do I need? Any other advice you can give? Thanks

A. File a complaint with the State Plumbing Board $700 for a toilet , wow , it better have a heated seat the macessas are horrible

1.20 What can i do to make my resume better?

Q. Guy Mikesell Dreamweaver1961@bellsouth.net 1440 SW 171st Terrace ♦ Pembroke Pines, Fl 33027 ♦ 954-430-1571 Objective: In pursuit of a challenging project supervisor opportunity that would allow me to utilize my process improvement solutions to achieve overall team success. Experience Pro 24 Security and InvestigationsDavie, Florida Area Supervisor04/2008 to 07/2008 ·Supervised and coordinated the activities of 100 security guards ·Interpreted specifications, blueprints and job orders to workers and assigned daily responsibilities ·Trained and managed 60 guards; through training achieved significant improvements in daily productivity ·Supervised 19 different job sites to ensure guards were alert and following proper procedures ·Analyzed daily work problems of associates and implemented actions plans to resolve the issues Custom Flooring IncPompano Beach, Florida Warehouse and Site Supervisor05/2005 to 08/2006 ·Reviewed and approved work orders and construction proposals for 40 tile installers ·Conferred with engineers and subordinates ·Assisted in field surveys in order to resolve problems between drywall, plumbing, and building contractors ·Supervised 2 warehouse associates and provided them with guidance on what tools should be used for their daily jobs Custom Flooring IncPembroke Pines, Florida Warehouse and Customer Service Mgr01/1999 to 06/2004 ·Supervised and managed 40 tile installers ·Implemented new product sheet processes that increased warehouse productivity ·Oversaw the handling of all order shortages of material for jobs ·Implemented new warehouse organization to achieve a more effective work environment; arranged warehouse to accommodate carpet, tile and wood orders which allowed orders to be side marked and arranged by job start dates Abbey Carpet and TilePembroke Pines, Florida Sales Representative / Customer Service Manager06/1998 to 01/1999 ·Executed daily operations of customer relations ·Reviewed and approved work orders and construction proposals ·Reorganized warehouse which resulted in a more productive and work friendly environment; arranged warehouse to accommodate carpet, tile, and wood orders to ensure materials were side marked as they arrived and verified all delivery orders were complete Independent Tile & Marble Contractor Davie, Florida Owner01/1986 to 06/1998 ·Completed all estimates for customers ·Installed tile and marble floors ·Managed all customer relations and daily activities of the business Certifications: In the process of renewing Tile and Marble License and Flooring License Additional employment experience available upon request


1.20 Spray insulation under a home without basement.?

Q. I would like to get some basic cost for sprayed insulation for under my home. I do not have a basement and would like to add a layer of insulation to the floor space. Is there a cost per sq ft. that i could get an idea before calling a local company. Sometimes a gal can get a bad deal.

A. Hi Just, Ranger is absolutely, dead-on-correct about the sprayed (closed cell) insulation. Anyone who thinks fiberglass is the best choice for a cellar-less home better get used to freezing floors, insects EVERYWHERE and sleeping with mice every night. No other choice can even come close to the advantages of a spray-applied, seamless insulation. There are always pro's and con's with any choice, so here's how I see it: PRO's: -Value of your home will remain high or even increase, and VERY attractive to any knowledgeable buyers. -"Wildlife" will be DRAMATICALLY reduced. -Your comfort level will SOAR. -Because it's not being applied in an area where it must be "screeted" level with the face of the floor joists (like studs when sheetrock will be applied over it), it will mean MUCH less work for the applicators. This means it will cost less. Make SURE you discuss this fact with the guy or gal that comes out to quote the job so everyone will visualize the same job! CON'S: -Once applied, it makes changes/updates of the mechanicals (electrical/plumbing/HVAC) more difficult. Keep in mind though, that you can re-insulate the area(s) you've worked on with Great Stuff Insulation in a can. -Inspecting anything against the bottom of the home will be nearly impossible once covered. I suggest taking LOTS of HIGH QUALITY digital pictures of the under side of the floor before doing it, and mark important mechanicals well with long plastic wire-ties (White for cold water lines, Red for hot water lines and Black for electric) that hang below the insulation to make them easy to find/repair if and when it's needed. -

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